7 Wealthy Habits Seminar in A Purse

Connect your brand with our mission of financial empowerment. We provide financial professionals with the opportunity  to engage clients in a meaningful way.

Seminar in a Purse Kit: The A Purse of Your Own Campaign

License our materials for an effective sales and marketing initiative.  Author and financial expert Deborah Owens launched the Purse Campaign to financially empower one million women.  Women all over the country are starting Purse Groups; five to ten women who meet once a month, read one chapter of A Purse of Your Own and apply the seven wealthy habit principles to their finances. As a Purse Group facilitator you will add value to potential clients by increasing their financial acumen and differentiate yourself from other advisors.

Seminar In A Purse Kit contains:

  1. A Purse of Your Own:7 Wealthy Habits of Financially Successful Women Seminar Power Point Presentation
  2. A Purse of Your Own: An Easy Guide to Financial Security Book
  3. A Purse of Your Own Work Book
  4. A Purse of Your Own Money Diary
  5. A Purse of Your Own Journal
  6. Confident Investing:  A Wealth Building Guide For Women Audio Book






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