Train The Trainer

  • Cultural familiarity As an internal facilitator, your trainers speak the organizational language. They know the culture, the goals and the drivers. Your stories resonate with your audience. You are also able to increase learning transfer by providing pre-training preparation and post-training follow-up.


  • Flexibility Programs are ready for your organization when and where you need them. Working sessions and facilitated team meetings promote ongoing learning.


  • Savings A key reason given by our clients for training internal facilitators is savings. In-house facilitators save companies time and money.


Easy access to additional program certification

Once a facilitator has achieved full certification in our flagship program, certification in additional programs becomes available at a substantial savings.

To enroll in our Train-the-Trainer program, we ask that you meet the following criteria:

  • You are an employee of an organization who will deliver 7 Wealthy Habits content only to other employees of that organization.
  • You are a high-caliber facilitator who is experienced at delivering powerful and compelling training to employees at all levels.
  • You will internalize the content—connecting with the material intellectually and emotionally—so you can make it come alive for yourself and your audience.
  • You have the desire and internal support to drive 7 Wealthy Habits priniciples within your organization in a meaningful way.




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