The 7 Wealthy Habits Leaders

The Seven Wealthy Habits™ of Successful Leaders workshop incorporates the attitudes and behaviors of success  from a leaders perspective. Successful leaders behave differently too and these unique insights are captured in our leadership  training programs.

The Seven Wealthy Habits of Successful Leaders Workshop

The Seven Wealthy Habits workshops is a nine module workshop which includes a workbook with exercises that are modeled and completed during the sessions.

  • Module 1:   Wealthy Outlook    The habit of discovering what others value
  • Module 2:   Wealthy Vision       The habit of  leveraging the unique gifts and talents of others
  • Module 3:   Wealthy Appetite  The habit of lifelong learning and increasing competencies
  • Module 4:  Wealthy Focus        The habit of goal achievement and driving results
  • Module 5:   Wealthy Mindset   The habit of viewing problems as opportunities
  • Module 6:  Wealthy System     The habit of managing and tracking resources
  • Module 7:  Wealthy Legacy      The habit of paying it forward and promoting others

Each module covers one of the behaviors culminating with a final exercise which allows attendees to incorporate all of the concepts to create a blueprint action plan for their team.


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