7 Wealthy Habits For Women

Companies that develop women leaders will have a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Women are a driving force in the economy and bring the insight and skill sets needed to thrive in the 21st century. How do you attract, retain and promote talented women? The A Purse of Your Own: 7 Wealthy Habits of Successful Leaders Workshop provides women with the insight and strategies needed to excel in your organization.

A Purse of Your Own: The Seven Wealthy Habits of Successful Leaders Workshop

The Seven Wealthy Habits workshops is a nine module workshop which includes a workbook with exercises that are modeled and completed during the sessions.

  • Module 1:   Wealthy Outlook    The habit of adding value
  • Module 2:   Wealthy Vision-     The habit of leveraging strengths
  • Module 3:   Wealthy Appetite   The habit of lifelong learning
  • Module 4:  Wealthy Focus         The habit of setting and achieving goals
  • Module 5:   Wealthy Mindset    The habit of viewing problems as opportunities
  • Module 6:  Wealthy System:    The habit of managing and tracking resources
  • Module 7:  Wealthy Legacy:      The habit of paying it forward


Each module covers one of the behaviors culminating with a final exercise which allows attendes to incorporate all of the concepts to created a blueprint action plan.


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