The 7 Wealthy Habits

Through our research and published works we have identified the critical success factors, the seven wealthy habits™, that allow individuals to achieve extraordinary results.  We help individuals within organizations take ownership of their personal, professional and financial success.

The Seven Wealthy Habits Training Framework

  • Wealthy Outlook     The habit of adding value and exceeding expectations
  • Wealthy Vision        The habit of leveraging strengths unique gifts and talents
  • Wealthy Appetite    The habit of lifelong learning
  • Wealthy Focus         The habit of setting and achieving goals
  • Wealthy Mindset    The habit of viewing problems as opportunities
  • Wealthy System      The habit of managing and tracking resources
  • Wealthy Legacy       The habit of paying it forward

Each module covers one of the behaviors culminating with a final exercise which allows attendees to incorporate all of the concepts to create a blueprint action plan.




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