Training and Coaching

Owens Media GroupNew7Habits uses its’ critically acclaimed published works to help companies and organizations with the professional development of their Emerging Leaders; Millennial’s, women and minorities. Our training framework: The Seven Wealthy Habits™ are the critical success factors and unspoken rules of engagement hidden in plain sight and essential for the career advancement of Emerging Leaders.

Our training increases employee engagement,retention and creates a pipeline of diverse leaders who are prepared to drive results and take ownership of their success in the organization.

How We Are Different

  • Innovative – Material is sourced from critically acclaimed author, financial expert and global thought leader
  • Substantial ROI – Cost-effective programs that increase employee engagement, productivity and retention of high potential employees
  • Always available – Our products are accessible anytime, anywhere on digital platforms
  • Customizable – Our programs are designed for flexibility so that they meet your company’s specific objectives
  • Results-oriented – Designed to provide an immediate change in behavior of your employees
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